The Gaming Room By Paul Ver Bruggen || Crime Writers

The Gaming Room By Paul Ver Bruggen || Crime Writers

The Gaming Room By Paul Ver Bruggen explores what happens when life is a game, played for the high stakes of power, wealth and love. Two men from different eras, united by their genius for making money, are about to find out.

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The Book

A compelling, fast-moving thriller about the seductive and destructive power of capitalism, from its 18th-century beginnings to our era of electronic money, The Gaming Room is told through two parallel narratives. One is the true, historical story of John Law is an extraordinary romp through a decadent, aristocratic age. A visionary economist and gambler – and at one point, the richest man in the world – Law all but invented modern capitalism and even coined the term ‘millionaire’. In eighteenth-century Paris, John Law aspires to become Banker for the French monarchy, currying the favour of Louis XIV by bartering the affections of his wife and partner, Katherine. The other is the contemporary story of John’s fictional descendant, Theo Law, takes place against a backdrop of international crime. As the world’s most successful money launderer, Theo is the product of today’s toxic financial environment. In twenty-first-century London, his descendant, Theo, orchestrates the movement of money around the Dark Web for the Russian mafia and the cash-strapped Vatican.

The Gaming Room By Paul Ver Bruggen || Crime Writers

As well as that of money, the novel explores themes of love, sexual politics and ultimately betrayal, as the men’s partners, Katherine and Angela, are sacrificed to their greed and macho ambition. Engaging characters in their own right, Katherine and Angela are intelligent women of agency. Initially, they are catalysts in the success of both men. In the end, they help them both find a way to redemption.

The Gaming Room is a fast-moving, time-shifting fusion of history, romance and psychological thriller. The stories converge when the two of them play out a final, fateful game of cards in a dream-like eighteenth-century Venice. There, as Carnival rages and the floodwaters rise, they learn the true price of winning at all costs, for both men, no wager is too high because all life is a gamble.

About the Author

The Gaming Room By Paul Ver Bruggen || Crime Writers

Paul Ver Bruggen is a writer, director and video producer. For many years, he’s worked as a communications consultant with the heads of many major international organisations, including governments, charities and corporations. The idea for The Gaming Room came from his work on a campaign to fight financial crime for an international bank. He lives in London.

Final thoughts

It can be hard to find a different crime thriller as many authors try to create a world, or write in the same style as the bestsellers. As much as we all love those big authors, sometimes we crave something a bit different. The Gaming Room offers a crime thriller story with a difference as it blends the actions of our ancestors with the effects they can have on us. If you enjoy a plot which is more complex than most, pick up a copy of The Gaming Room and explore the worlds of two men from two different times.

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