Five True Crime Podcasts that you need to listen to

Five True Crime Podcasts that you need to listen to

Sarah Hughes normally writes about all things happy and wonderful on her own site, but this isn’t her site. In fact, she is here to indulge in her fascination with murder most foul and the podcasts that she thinks are the best. Here are five podcasts that you need to listen to right now.

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I know it seems bizarre that a woman whose business focuses on positivity and optimism, is obsessed with true crime podcasts… but that’s me! I’m not sure exactly what it is about them that hooked me but I rip through them now at the pace I used to rip through books (pre-children; when I had time to pick up a book). The joy of podcasts is that they’re perfect for multitaskers. I listen while I’m running, ironing, driving, cleaning… you name it.

But why true crime!? I’m really not a gory, bloodthirsty person I swear. In fact, in my day-to-day life, I actively seek to surround myself with happy stories and anything that brings the feel-good factor. And let me tell you; there’s no way I could watch horror films or some of these terrifying Netflix documentaries… not if I ever want to sleep again. I can only deduce that true crime podcasts appeal to my inner amateur detective/psychologist/investigative journalist. They stimulate my brain and my thought processes and I find myself thinking “Aha! I know who did it!” randomly in the middle of Sainsbury’s (spoiler alert: It definitely wasn’t who I thought it was. Ever.).

If you fancy giving true crime podcasts a go and channeling your inner Miss Marple; here are my top 5 all-time favourites:

1 – Serial- Series 1

The rite of passage for all podcast listeners. This one will stay with you for a long time afterward.

2- Teacher’s Pet

A fascinating story of an Australian couple who seemed to have it all, until the wife disappeared off the face of the earth.

3 – The Shrink Next Door

Brilliant series about an elite Hollywood psychologist, who may not have had his patient’s best interests at heart.

4 – Who The Hell Is Hamish?

This one is particularly captivating because it makes you think about the mindset of a fraudster. And you wonder; would you have been fooled?

5 – The Missing

A relatively new podcast where every episode focuses on a different missing person. Heartbreakingly sad at times but hopefully this podcast shines a light on each case and improves the chance of it being solved.

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